We're a Canadian company committed to providing global markets with natural, sustainable, and affordable solutions for the diversion of organic waste.

We harvest essential nutrients from the organic waste stream to produce products that improve soil conditions to safely increase crop yields at an affordable price. Our sustainable solutions protect the environment by diverting human, animal and plant based waste away from landfills, incinerators and natural waterways.
We believe that the nutrients in organic waste streams are too valuable to simply destroy and all farmers around the world should have access to affordable and pathogen free products for their crops.
We believe the legitimacy of business extends beyond how you run your business to include how your business supports and interacts with society, and the community around it, so we partner with local governments, investors and stakeholders to create good jobs and to support local philanthropic initiatives in the communities where our plants are located.

Ceres BioSystems Process

Our process transforms organic waste into a fertilizer/soil amendment product that is safe, effective, and affordable for the agriculture sector.

CorpFinance International Limited offers bursary to students studying in Canada from India